February 2017

North America currently exists in an era of hyper-individualism, privatized spirituality, consumer religion, and the related phenomenon of church-hopping. When one church fails to meet a person's needs and expectations, that person hops from one church to another. In light of these socio-cultural pressures that focus excessively on the individual, the church needs to reflect anew on its identity and calling and confront the challenges that hinder it from participating more fully in the life and mission of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

There are four lessons in the series. The first lesson reflects upon the identity of the church, which is a community enlivened, formed, and commissioned by the Trinity to serve a particular divine purpose in and for the world. The second lesson, closely related to the first, is on the Holy Spirit and community. The third lesson looks at contemporary challenges to Christian community, such as individualism and consumerism. The final lesson examines ancient and contemporary Christian rituals and habits that counter against these narcissistic tendencies and nurture the calling and purpose of the body of Christ so that the church may faithfully participate in the life and mission of God.


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