beyond our walls

The family at Glenwood seeks out ways to serve our community. We want to help fallen people stand up again. Beyond Our Walls ministries are not programs run by the church. They are people helping people by feeding the hungry, caring for the homeless, visiting the sick, and improving neighborhoods in Tyler. If you can cook food, swing a hammer, wash dishes, sit by a bedside, use a paint brush, talk to people in need, make a phone call, mend clothes, or just spend time with others, then you are qualified to serve! There are many opportunities in various parts of town where you can go beyond the walls of the church and be Jesus in our fallen world. Join us in our great adventure!

For more information about Beyond Our Walls ministries, contact the church office at (903) 509-9494.

We support these local ministries:

Bethesda Health Clinic

Christian Homes and Family Services

Church of Christ Benevolence Center

Downtown Gathering

East Texas Food Bank

Gateway to Hope

Habitat for Humanity

Hi-Way 80 Rescue Mission

Karing Kitchen

Meals on Wheels


Prison Ministry: Huntsville and Palestine