foreign missions

The family at Glenwood finds great importance in taking the Gospel to foreign lands. You can help support our foreign missions by being part of a Care Team, teaching with World Bible School, or going overseas on one of our Visiting Teams. Whether in Tyler or in another land, Jesus calls us to serve others in times of need. 

For more information about Foreign Missions, contact the church office at (903) 509-9494.


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Since 1961 EASTERN EUROPEAN MISSION (EEM) has been providing God’s Word to the people of Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe in their own languages. EEM provides Bibles and biblical literature in more than 20 languages to individuals, mission churches, campaign groups and other organizations related to the Church that teach God’s Word in former communist nations. EEM also provides materials to families, children in youth camps, public universities, public schools, public libraries, prisons, hospitals, orphanages and anywhere else Bibles are needed, all free to the recipients.

For more than 70 years children in Eastern Europe were sent to summer camps to learn to be model Soviet citizens. After the fall of the iron curtain, nearly one million children continued to attend these camps. In 2006, EEM received an invitation from the Ukrainian national youth camp organization to b the Bible to these children. EEM developed a program to take and teach the Bible to the children and staff of these camps. The same camps that taught communism now want the Bible.


PREDISAN is a Christian organization whose vision is to see people experience wholeness: physical, spiritual, social, economic and environmental health according to God’s redemptive plan. Men, women and children are suffering from a lack of basic healthcare, poor nutrition, preventable diseases and substance abuse, their lives restrained by lack of education and few economic opportunities. Many are living without the hope that faith in Christ provides. Predisan's solution is to be Christ’s hands and feet in partnership with community leaders, staff, donors and volunteers, facilitating health services, education, and other actions that transform lives.

Mission resource network

Autonomous local churches are the God-ordained communities of faith for sending, supporting, and overseeing missionaries. Serving as a pivotal partner since 1998, MISSION RESOURCE NETWORK (MRN) provides churches with missions expertise, counsel, strategic planning, information, mission team preparation, missionary care services, and global vision to help churches do their job even more effectively. Located near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, MRN serves churches and missionaries across the country and around the world.


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