The Glenwood family seeks to graciously help a fallen world stand up again. We invite you to use your God-given gifts to join us in that mission. From helping out on Sunday mornings to participating in one of our many ministry efforts, there are multiple ways to get involved at Glenwood.


Explore our various areas of ministry for ADULTS, CHILDREN, STUDENTS, BEYOND OUR WALLS, and FOREIGN MISSIONS. You can always return to these areas through the menu above.


God has given you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. (1 Peter 4:10)

How has God gifted you? How can you use those gifts to serve others? We can help you answer those questions. Take the Spiritual Gifts Discovery assessment.


We seek to encounter God in our weekly worship assemblies. As followers of Christ, we meet each Sunday to remember His death, celebrate His resurrection, and give thanks for the life in the Spirit that we now live. Through expressions such as praise, prayer, confession, the public reading of scripture, communion, teaching, giving, and fellowship we encounter God together. We believe these regular encounters with God give us the strength we need to stand up again.


One byproduct of fallenness is depletion. We are a depleted, exhausted, running-on-empty society. God has called us, however, to renew our hearts and minds by cultivating regular habits such as prayer, worship, reading Scripture, being with other Christians, and serving the world in the name of Christ. These are often referred to as Christian spiritual disciplines. At Glenwood, we want to help you engage these disciplines on a regular basis in our Sunday morning classes and we want to equip you to engage these disciplines regularly with our STAND@Home ministries.


Our world is full of fractured and broken relationships. The Glenwood family helps this broken and fallen world stand up again through connection. We connect with each other through Community Groups and special interest ministries such as college, men’s, women’s, and older adult ministries. These are a great way to get connected at Glenwood and to walk alongside others who want to love God more deeply and become more like Jesus. In connection ministries, we pray, eat, serve, and explore the meaning and relevance of Scripture together. We hold each other up and give one another the strength to stand.


Our mission calls us to serve. We serve God; we serve our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ; we serve those outside of Christ’s Church. In John 13, Jesus modeled for His disciples (and for us) the centrality of this aspect of our calling as God’s children. Even though Jesus is God, Master of all, He took the form of the lowliest of servants by washing His disciples’ feet. This passage reveals to us the importance of setting our own comforts and pleasures aside in order to bless those around us. In serving, we graciously help our fallen world stand up again.