our mission

I’m sure you’ve noticed how fallen this world is. Our world is full of broken promises, lost identity, and fractured relationships—a far cry from what God intended! God created us to stand up, walk confidently with Him, and experience a life uplifted.

Graciously helping a fallen world stand up again

The Glenwood family is dedicated to graciously helping a fallen world stand up again. We pray that you will join us in this God-given mission.

how we engage our mission

We believe God’s mission is so important that we do not approach it haphazardly; we have developed a clear strategy in our efforts to graciously help a fallen world stand up again. Through our worship services, we provide a place where we may all encounter God together. We also help families and individuals renew their minds and spirits through our weekly classes. In order to help the Glenwood family connect with each other, we offer Community Groups, our version of small groups, which meet each week all over and around the city of Tyler. Finally, through our congregational ministries we offer multiple opportunities for our family to serve each other, this community, and the world.

What we value

Values are the motivational flame of the church. They are the shared convictions that guide actions and reveal our strengths. Values answer the question, “Why do we do what we do?” They are the springboards for daily action and filters for decision making. Values, in short, are our conscience. At Glenwood, these values provide a foundation for everything we do:

Truth that challenges

We champion Truth, as revealed in the Word of God, that governs our relationships with each other, the world, and God.

Love that reaches

We share Christ’s love with all people as we experience His grace.

Faith that transforms

We are changed so that God may be seen in us.

Grace that embraces

We believe that no matter where we have been, no matter what we have done, an amazing grace allows us to stand up again.

Life that connects

We keep company with each other, living in the fullness of God.